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Tea Set


Gaiwan and 2 cup set

Rice grain porcelain is a traditional Chinese porcelain technique dating back to the Ming dynasty. (A.D. 1368). It is characterized by a refined and semi translucent finish. Adopting this traditional craftsmanship, RICE plays with the subtle contrast between glazed and un-glazes finishes to create a set of daily dinnerware with a delicate sophistication. 

Tea savor has long been adopted by the intellectuals since ancient times in order to settle down their minds, to cultivate for a better temper, and to reach a upper level of the self-accomplishment. With a profound historical and cultural background, tea savor has become a prestige and exquisite ceremony to relive the life of the intellectuals of the past and to get a closer look at the Chinese tradition.


Rice grain porcelain
Laura Straßer

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