Root + Spring

Starter Herbal Broth Collection


Like Western home remedies, Eastern herbalists believe chicken soups heal the heart and soul. Adding Chinese herbs to soups has a long tradition and is a distinctive feature of Chinese soups. Considered as gentle tonics meant to nourish the body and maintain proper bodily functions, Chinese herbal soups are not only delicious but based on ancient, effective recipes. They act as natural remedies for many common needs.  

root + spring make holistic healing fun and easy. This starter collection, exclusive at SupChina Shop, features four of their most popular herbal soup mixes. They provide you with all the right herbs, in exactly the right proportions, to make 4 delicious, nourishing remedies at home. If you are new to herbal broths or are just getting into bone broths, then this is the kit for you.

This collection includes informative cards with recipes to walk you through making the perfect herbal broth for your life. What’s even better? There’s only a 5 minute prep time!

Collection includes:

  • Health & Immunity Herbal Broth Mix – This is the ultimate, classic Chinese herbal soup that's great for supporting recovery in everyone. The exceptional herbal ingredients will support building immunity health, help flush toxins, build Qi, and strengthen blood flow. Each sip restores your energy, helping you feel better sooner. This is a great family-friendly soup.
  • Detox Herbal Broth Mix - For those that have accumulated too much “heat" in their system, something the Chinese call "yeet hay". This is brought on by eating too much fried, greasy or unhealthy foods. Literally meaning "hot air", yeet hay is a term used in Chinese medicine to indicate a state of being too "hot" internally and symptoms can vary from a slight sore throat and some acne/pimples to mouth sores and nose bleeds.
  • Revitalization Herbal Broth Mix - This delicious, nourishing soup has natural moisturizing and energizing properties, which supports restoring the mind and reviving the spirit. Featuring key ingredients crunchy Sea Coconut (Coco de Mer) and American Ginseng, this special tonic will naturally cool, rehydrate and revitalize the body. A family-friendly soup.
  • Stress Relief Herbal Broth Mix - Based on an ancient combination of four key herbs that support the adrenal function, this recipe in Chinese literally translates to "four divinity soup." This soup will help reduce stress and anxiety as well as calm the heart and spirit.

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