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SupChina 2019 Red Paper

SupChina’s guide to the trends and stories that mattered most in 2018 and the outlook for business, politics, culture, and society for 2019

Topics covered include:
  • U.S.-China trade war and the crisis in Xinjiang;
  • Xi Jinping’s term limit elimination, #Metoo’s vitality in China, and the rise of student activism;
  • The vaccine scandal, tech unicorns, Didi and Tencent’s troubles, and Google’s potential return to the search market.
The Red Paper comes in the format of a 60-page report including notes by SupChina editor-in-chief Jeremy Goldkorn on what he is watching for China going into 2019, and write-ups of all major news events in China in 2018. The Red Paper also features two original essays, titled, “A growing global backlash to Beijing’s political and economic influence,” and “China crushes Uyghur identity in Xinjiang.”
Huge shifts happened in 2018 in China's domestic politics and its relations with countries around the world. Our Red Paper is an efficient way to understand the biggest stories of 2018 and know what to watch for in 2019, whether you are an investor, journalist, researcher, teacher, student, or just curious about China.


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