1960 'Chairman Mao loves children'


Reprint poster

Intervening years (1960-1965)

Despite the failure of the Great Leap Forward, posters continue to visualize the successes of socialism. The aggressive scenes of the previous years are replaced with more romantic images of the good life. Very often, beautiful women are shown, apparently without any specific political message. In these years of relative relaxation, more and more posters with Chairman Mao are published.

Chairman Mao visits a peasants' village.
(First of a series of five posters)

Designer: A Zhi (阿志)
1960, September
Chairman Mao loves children (1)
Mao zhuxi ai ertong (毛主席爱儿童)
Publisher: Liaoning renmin chubanshe (辽宁人民出版社)
Size: 39x54 cm.
Call number: BG D29/715 (IISH collection)


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