The Fancy Lemur

Year of the Pig Stationary

$45 $64

Happy New Lunar Year! 豬! Limited edition postcards featuring hand painted artwork by The Fancy Lemur. Printed in extra thick acid-free cotton paper for a grounded Earth Pig(s) impression and delicately accented with irresistibly eye-catching reflective gold foil. Pigs are diligent, compassionate, and generous so… send these beautiful postcards to friends and family.

Brand: The Fancy Lemur
Front Message: Happy New Lunar Year / 4717 Year of the Pig
Back: Blank
Size: 6in. x 4in. (152.4mm x 101.6mm)
Paper: Heavy weight. Acid-free cotton woven paper. Manufactured with wind power and with environmental responsibility in mind.
Other: Made in the USA

LUX Reby red envelopes. Peel & Press sealing strip located on the back flap. (no moisture required)
Size: 6.25in x 4.24in (A4 159mm x 108mm)


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