1937 'Step up general mobilization, for total militarization'


 Reprint poster

Japanese occupation (1937-1945)

Attracted by the cheap labour force and vast resources, Japan invades China in 1937. China must become part of the 'East Asian Economic Co-Prosperity Sphere'. The bulk of China is controlled by the Nationalist Party (Guomindang, 国民党, old transcription: Kuomintang), which is especially strong in the urban areas. The Communists entrench themselves in the countryside. Both parties use posters to try and mobilize the population to resist the common enemy, Japan. The Japanese also use posters to justify their military presence and to make it clear to the population that any resistance is useless. The posters shown here are extremely rare.

Anti-Japanese propaganda from the Nationalist Party (Guomindang, 国民党). On the helmet is the party emblem.

Designer unknown (佚名)
ca. 1937
Step up general mobilization, for total militarization
Jiajin zong dongyuan, yiqie junshihua (加紧总动员,一切军事化)
Publisher: Junshi weiyuanhui zhengxunchu (军事委员会政训处)
Size: 64.5x39 cm.
Call number: BG D25/199 (Landsberger collection)

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