pipa magazine

2018 Pipa Magazine for Kids & Families

2018 magazine subscription of 12 issues
  • Each issue introduces the same topic from different columns and angles. The theme may be a festival, or a region, or a custom, an invention, an animal... A small reader will have a more comprehensive understanding of one aspect of Chinese and American culture by reading a magazine;
  • The text is easy to understand, and there are a large number of maps as an aid. The introduction of history and culture is accurate and comprehensive, but it is not too deep and causes obstacles to understanding;
  • All articles are divided into five star difficulty according to the hierarchical font and content of "Xiaoxiao", and different stars are suitable for different reading ability and reading mode;
  • Provide a variety of reading aids, including: bilingual reading, difficult phonetic transcription, difficult word annotation, key knowledge notes, sentence symbols, bilingual columns.

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