1954 'Chairman Mao gives us a happy life'


 Reprint poster

Building the People's Republic (1949-1956)

The proclamation of the People's Republic of China brings an end to decades of war and civil war. The Communist Party rules, the Nationalists flee to Taiwan. Two themes are prominent on the posters of this period: the proclamation of the Republic itself, and the reconstruction of agriculture and industry, bringing abundance and prosperity. The Soviet Union supports China. But there are also problems to be solved, such as dealing with opponents of the Party. The first wave of Mao posters appear, a prelude to his later glorification.

A new spacious home, a radio set, abundant and good food and three healthy children: the happy workers' family of the early 1950s.

Designer: Xin Liliang (忻礼良)
1954, March
Chairman Mao gives us a happy life
Mao zhuxi gei womende xingfu shenghuo (毛主席给我们的幸福生活)
Size: 78x53 cm.
Call number: BG E16/269 (IISH collection)

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