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The Cleaver Quarterly #8

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The Cleaver Quarterly features lively longform writing about Chinese food culture from Beijing to Brasilia, from London to Lagos, and New York to New Delhi. Have you ever wondered about Kublai Khan's philosophy on vegetables? Or the dining habits of midcentury Hakka grocery-men in the West Indies? Or what sides to serve alongside a main course of roast locust? Or have you only begun to wonder right this second? You may just be a proud future owner of The Cleaver Quarterly print magazine.
Things you'll learn from The Cleaver Quarterly #8: How one foodie's visit to her local farmer's market stirred awake memories of a family legacy from colonial Shanghai. Why medieval Turks ate their macaroni with chopsticks. Imaginary recipes for mythical creatures. A simple takeout test to find the best egg rolls in town. How a humble pepper-taro stew from wartime China earned the name "Scorched Earth War Of Resistance." Ezra Pound's go-to Chinese spot in 1930s London. A 250-year-old ginseng teacake recipe fit for an emperor. The trouble with translating Chinese dish names into English. The next best thing to a dragon sandwich (hint: go to Hebei and ask for the donkey burger).
  • "If you can eat it and it's of Chinese origin, it might already be in the Cleaver." - Bon Appétit
  • "The Cleaver Quarterly is ... delving more deeply than mainstream media into Chinese foodways" - Fuchsia Dunlop
  • "The best food magazine about the immense topic that is Chinese food" - Ningbo Guide
  • "The great thing about this magazine ... is its success at describing how Chinese people living around the world experience their cuisines and food folkways." - Library Journal

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