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Vegetables of China Card Deck

Think of this colorful card deck as a delightfully portable vegetable dictionary of the plant-based diet that has kept Chinese civilization humming for centuries. Whether you're a wok wizard or a curious newcomer to the wide world of Chinese cooking, these 52 pocket-sized cards will guide you through a colorful bounty of nutrient-dense whole foods. Each card features gorgeously illustrated Chinese vegetables – leafy greens, legumes, aromatics, aquatic plants, roots, gourds, fungi, and edible flowers. The back of the card spells out how these ingredients are traditionally eaten in China and include tips for home cooks on how to make the most of each vegetable’s unique shape, texture, flavors and nutritional content. You'll also find fun (and often hilarious) cultural trivia ranging from Confucian food lore to cutting-edge food trends from the Chinese mainland. 
These vegetables are eager to make your acquaintance. So why not make a game out of getting to know them all? Here's a few suggestions for how to play with these cards:
  • Dinner Challenge  Deal out 3 cards at random. Your challenge is to purchase them all on your next market run, and to cook them all within a single meal.
  • Potluck Challenge  Organize a potluck dinner party and deal out 3 cards at random to each invitee. Their challenge is to use all 3 vegetables in a single dish.
  • Kids’ Grocery Scavenger Hunt  Turn supermarket shopping into a game by challenging kids to match the vegetable drawings with the actual produce. Kids who participate in grocery shopping and kitchen prep are more likely to eat their veggies!
  • Veg of the Week  Embark on a journey of culinary experimentation by trying out one new vegetable every week for a year.  
  • "Perfect for the adventurous cook" - The Chicago Tribune
  • "Give China's bountiful veggie varieties the attention they deserve" - Diana Zheng (Jia! The Food of Swatow and the Teochew Diaspora)
  • "Packed with information and easy to carry ... a great gift for foodies" - Linda Lau Anusasananan (The Hakka Cookbook)
  • "Grab one and navigate that produce aisle or wet market with the confidence and grace of everyone's grandma." - Jonathan Kung (Kung Food Studio)

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